How can a person know that he/she is being abused?

There are many types of research held that found 40% of women are being abused by their partner. This figure may vary year to year or region to region, but inevitably, people are being abused. Not only are women facing violence, but some cases emerged that disclosed that many men also had faced resident abuse. It is necessary to understand that when someone is torturing you. Domestic violence lawyer helps you to ascertain the right situation of unbearable violence.

Symptoms that determine domestic abuse

Many people don’t know when their partner is abusing that. It is necessary to understand the behaviour of your family members that you cannot bear. If you are in a situation that is out of control or being out of control, then you need to take action; it maybe you need to hire a lawyer. These are some signs mentioned underneath that tell about resident violence.

  1. Spoken abuse

Many times we don’t notice the spoken abuse; it is rarely found that someone has sued his/her partner for the spoken abusing. We need to understand that this form of abuse is the starting of violence; you need to prevent it as soon as possible otherwise, the situation may be out of control. Domestic violence lawyers will help make understood your partner about such an unbearable act. If you are facing the spoken violence, then talk to your partner about this, so that you could save your relationship.

  1. Possessiveness

Possessiveness is also considered many times the starting of violence. You can see that many people are very possessive against their partner, a limit of possessiveness may be bearable, but when it crosses the limit, it takes the form of domestic violence.

If your partner is very possessive about you, then you need to fall to him, because it doesn’t only generate the dispute but also ruin the relationship. You can take the help of a counsellor; that why your partner is showing much control over you; if it doesn’t stop, then to seek the advice of an attorney will be the best decision.

  1. Physical torture

Mostly, people consider domestic violence physical torture. Most of the cases that are sued in the court are related to the physical violence of a partner. In this stage of violence, people can easily take the idea of abusing. If our partner is physically abusing us, then we need to take immediate action against him; otherwise, it can ruin our life as well as our relationship.

Domestic violence lawyer knows well to deal in such condition, and provide the protection from the court so that abuser could not harm the victim. Everyone who is facing physical domestic violence should take legal action immediately.


Above, we have discussed three-stage of violence, you may consider the first two steps, not violence, but it is the starting of domestic abuse. If a person doesn’t take the right action against such an unbearable act of family member, then there may be many adverse consequences in the future.

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