Rally Signs

Bring your signs, banners and photographs. We encourage you to be candid and let everyone see what's on your mind. Here are some signs that have been spotted at rallies and protests across the country.  We offer them to you without endorsement or editing.  Please share your ideas with us and we'll add them to this list:

1% US Kids Autistic But Fully Vaccinated
Adults Die From Vaccine Reactions, Too
America, Land Of The Free?
America Ranks 42nd in Worldwide Infant Mortality?
Ask The Teachers, Kids Are Sicker Today
Autism Is Today's Polio
Because I Lost My Right To Choose, It Is My Job That I Will Lose
CDC Says 69 Doses Of 16 Vaccines For All Kids Birth To Age 18
CDC Trades Infectious Disease For CHRONIC - Allergies, Autism, ADHD, Asthma, Diabetes...
Chicken Soup and Hugs, Not Your Mandated Drugs
Chronic Illness Is The Crisis, Not Infectious Diseases
Doctors! Shame On You
Doctors! You Took An Oath
Don't Let Government Stick It To You
Don't Tell Me What To Do
Fast Tracked Vaccines Are Dangerous
First They Came For The Kids, Then They Came For The Healthcare Workers...
Forced Flu Shots: Me Today, You Tomorrow
Forced Shots Violates Our Civil Rights
Forced Vaccination - What's Next?
Forced Vaccines Are A Slippery Slope
Freedom Of Choice
Feredom Of Choice Should Be Mandatory
Go Freedom!
Get A Dose of Reality
God Bless America
God-Given Rights To Life, Liberty, Security
Government Mandates = Bad Medicine
Greedy Pharma Calling The Shots
H1N1 Was a TARP For Pharma
Hands Off My Body
Health Care Professionals Are Not Government Property
Health Care Workers First, Police & Teachers Next
How Will You Staff The Hospitals Once You Fire All Of Us???
I Am A Nurse, Not A Guinea Pig For $s
I Have The Flu Blues Because I Lost My Right To Choose
I Have The Right to Safeguard My Body
I Lose My Job If I Don't Get The Flu Shot
I Refuse Forced Vaccines
I Trust My Nurse.  Why Don't You?
If My Child Is Harmed, You Won't Pay
I'm More Afraid Of The Vaccine Than The Flu
Informed Consent For All
Inmates Have More Rights Than Nurses
Is This The 21st Century?  Tuskegee Study Again
It's My Child, Let Me Decide
Kiss Big Pharma's Butt, Forced Shots In Ours!
Let Parents Decide, Not Lobbyists
Liberty & Justice On Government's Terms?
Mandatory Vaccination Is Unconstitutional
My Body... My Choice... Hear My Voice!  No Mandatory Flu Shot!
My Body Is Not Government Property
My Child Was Murdered By Vaccines
My Patients Have The Right To Refuse Drugs... But I Don't??
My Risk, My Decision
No Choice In America?
No Fast Track Vaccines
No Forced Vaccines
No Flu Shot, No Job?
No Mandated (Forced) Flu Shots
No Mandation Of The Vaccination
No Means No
No Vaccine Liability!  Total Immunity If Vaccine Kills You
One Little Prick
Our Bodies Our Choice
Our Health Sold For Profit
New York Police State - Be Vaccinated Or Be Terminated
Pediatricians Should Know, But They Don't
Personal Responsibility
Protect People, Not Drug Companies
Public Health Catastrophe
Sanctity Of Personal Space
Schools Are Overrun With Vax-Injured Children
Shot In My Arm, You're To Blame, You Give Freedom A Bad Name!
Sick Kids Are the Crisis, Not Fake Pandemics!
Stand Up For Our Children!
Stand Up For Your Rights!
Stop Experimenting On Our Kids
Stop Forced H1N1 Vaccine Now
Stop Kissing Pharma's Ass, I Pay The Bills
Stop Selling Fear!  We Don't Need Flu Vaccines.
Stop Selling The Illusion Of A Pandemic
Stop The Shot
Swine F_U
Swine Flu Was A Non-Event
Tell The Truth
The Bird Flu Flew Away
The Drug Companies Are Free From Liability.  Why?
The Ouch Isn't What Hurts
The Right To Be Left Alone
There Are No Safe Vaccines
They Lie
Too Many Shots
Too Many Sick Kids
Unions!  Where Are You?
Unproven, Untested, Unsafe, Unfair!!
U.S. Has Infant Mortality Rate Of A Third World Country
Vaccinate Or Terminate?
Vaccination Choice = Civil Rights
Vaccination Choice is a Human Right
Vaccination Choice = Personal Rights
Vaccines Have Risks, Must Have Choice
Vote You Out
Wake Up USA
We Are Losing Our Rights!
We Demand Accountability And Transparency
We Deserve Choice Over Our Bodies
We Want Choice And Our Job
We're Not Your Lab Rats!
What Happened To Informed Consent?
Where Are Our Rights?
Who Do Children Belong To?  Government Or Parents?
Why Does Our Government Want Us Vaccinated So Bad?