The Refusers


The American Rally for Personal Rights is pleased to announce that rally speaker Michael Belkin, will for the very first time ever, be performing songs from his upcoming CD at our rally. In 1998, Michael's daughter died only hours after receiving a required vaccine, sparked by this intensely personal encounter with the negative effects of government mandated vaccines he began a journey of public service which has included providing testimony before Congress, attending vaccine related regulatory sessions and appearing in countless media reports as a vaccine safety advocate.

His journey has found a new path in The Refusers, a musical tribute to the victims (past, present and future) of the government's misguided mandatory vaccination policy. Inspired by his previous career as a LA session player and recording artist, Michael has brought infectious elements of funk, gospel, rock, and even a touch of punk to this project. Combining this with his pointed lyrics discussing vaccine issues and government-mandated intrusion into our personal lives, The Refusers embodies, in the great American tradition of protest music, a sound that will be heard around the world. With lyrics like "they can keep their flu vaccine" and "a vaccine needle stole my baby away," this record will have you on your feet shouting "keep your mandates out of my body"!

The Refusers' new record is being produced and recorded by the indefatigable John N. Wilson, a Seattle-based recording engineer and producer. The record is driven by the impeccable beat of drummer Brendan Hill (Blues Traveler) and the intense groove of bassist Steve Newton. Belkin provides all of the lyrics as well as driving guitar riffs and forceful lead vocals. Additional backing vocals have been contributed by Susi Meredith (renowned gospel recording artist), Steve Newton and John N. Wilson.

Listen to and download selections from the Refuser’s upcoming CD. A complimentary CD will also be available for participants at the Chicago rally.