The Secret Law of Attraction – Are You Stalemating Yourself?

The question for today is: are you seeking power with the law of attraction simply because underneath you actually believe you are powerless? Because it you are, you will be ‘stalemating’ your efforts to create the life you want.

Before you say “NO, NOT ME”….please read this article and take time to explore your life, the actions you take and why you do them…than make up your mind.

The law of attraction gives us choice and the ability to create but the journey of the conscious creator is filled will traps and illusions. Those who are using the law of attraction can be hiding deeper issues underneath their spiritual journey and so today we are talking about the use of personal power.

Take 30 minutes after reading this article to ask yourself these very,very important questions:

1. Why am I doing what I am doing? Ie. Why am doing the job I am doing? Why am doing the exercise I am doing? Why am I teaching others what I know? Why am I eating what I am eating? Why am I drinking what I am drinking? Why do I do what I do?

2. What do I get from each of these actions?

I promise the answers and the process will be enlightening and empowering once you see how you are giving away power and responsibility in your life. Remember, you must be honest and put effort in to get real results.

The reason that there is benefit in exploring your behavior and intentions is that in some of these areas you will be giving away your power, either to a habit, a person, an exercise routine, a diet or any number of actions and if you find this is the case you could choose to take your power back and change the behavior.

For example a person may say they use the law of attraction to create wealth yet still work 12 hours a day: or insist on a particular diet, or have to go running or some other behavior to make themselves feel good and give them power, in which case they are actually giving their power away: if you need to have alcohol to relax, you are giving away your power to relax naturally…see what I mean?

Disempowering Habits

The fact is we all do this by habit and so a great way to use the law of attraction is to stop doing what you normally would and see how you feel, then to recognize that the law of attraction gives power initially by being first, then doing. The real power in within you and that is where you must harness it to create what you want in life.

So today you could ask yourself in what way are you giving away or not accepting your power and start to behave differently.. see how it goes and please let me know, it is quite a challenge to accept the power you have in your being but the evolutionary path is leading you on into a deeper and wonderful reality and if you want to follow that path you must face the fears, break the limitations and confront the illusions of the ‘physical world’.

Jeffrey Roberts

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