What are the most common family law issues?

Family law is a branch of law that focuses on all issues relating to the family. It aims to bring about reconciliation, settlement, and peace in the family. All issues surrounding the family that spouses cannot arrive at a peaceful resolution are adequately catered to by the family law. 

Like criminal law, commercial law, and other law branches, family law covers several issues and profers a perfect solution to resolve all family matters. Here are the most common family law issues. 

1. Child Custody, Access, and Parenting Plans

In the event that parents are separating and it becomes a hassle deciding who will have custody of the children, where the children will live, how they will be cared for, family law will be applied to resolve all the matters. They can all live peacefully, knowing what is expected of each spouse regarding their expected roles and parenting plans. 

2. Child Support

Parents are responsible for meeting their children’s financial needs inasmuch as the children are still dependants (below 18 years old). The family law ensures that the parent who spends less time with the children pays the other parent who takes care of the children most of the time. The money is spent on the children’s upkeep and related expenses. 

3. Spousal Support

Spouses may have to support each other financially. It usually happens when a spouse has a higher income than the other, and it is arranged that the spouse with a higher income supports the other with less income. The spouses must be married under the common law arrangement and referred to as a husband, wife, partner. Family law helps determine the amount of support and how long it will be paid based on the length of the marriage and whether the spouse stays at home to care for the children. 

4. Property Division

Another most common family law issue is the division of property in the event of separation or divorce. Any increase in their money or property during the marriage will be shared. The spouses also have an equal right to continue to live in their present home, irrespective of who owns or rents the house. 

However, these are exemptions under the common law where each spouse keeps their money and personal property, but only properties jointly-owned will be shared. 


The above are the most common family law issues. If you need a lawyer to help you with any of the issues above, contact an experienced family law attorney or lawyer. 

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