Are you facing criminal charges in Ocala, Florida? Here’s what you should do

Facing a criminal charge in Ocala is quite intimidating as it negatively impacts your freedom, professional life, as well as your dignity in society. Whether you are a minor or an adult, every person will have to go through criminal proceedings that have been charged with felonies or misdemeanors. The latter includes crimes that are less serious and are subjected to one year of imprisonment. Whereas felonies are charges which include grave punishments. In Ocala, every citizen is innocent until proven guilty. This means that you have ample opportunities to stand up for your rights. This is where you need the help of dedicated Ocala criminal lawyers. Contact these attorneys before you’re being arrested by the law enforcement officials or if you’ve received a notice to appear. Having attorneys by your side helps you in guiding throughout the process and they are the best persons to secure your rights and choose the best remedy for the case.

A tenacious advocate will help those who are accused of:

  • Misdemeanor charges– These are less serious crimes and include shorter punishments, jail time, or fines. The offenses include- simple assault, drunk driving, public intoxication, vandalism, domestic violence, etc.
  • Juvenile offenses- It is the criminal activity or act of taking part in unlawful activities by a child who is below the age of 18 years. Offenses include- Shoplifting, curfew violation, truancy, harassment, alcohol consumption, and consumption of narcotic substances.
  • Sexual offenses including rape- Florida has strict laws and punishment for sex crimes. There is 15 years imprisonment for lascivious battery and 11 years jail if the victim is above 12 years o age. If the child is below 12 years, the accused shall be sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • Domestic violence- This includes kidnapping, marital rape, stalking, assault and battery, etc.
  • Other offenses– This includes Robbery offenses, DUI, Drug Crimes, and Assault and Battery.

Importance of having criminal lawyers by your side-

Having an attorney is highly important because it’s difficult to understand the justice system is quite complicated and involves complex matters. A criminal charge, jail, or prison time can affect your freedom and reputation in society. Make sure you have an attorney who can help you get a favorable outcome and also secure your rights. Moreover, these attorneys have the knowledge and experience to navigate the judicial process and they understand the gravity of the situation. Having an in-depth knowledge of how the lawyers prepare the defense strategy is good for you.

On top of that, it’s not possible for a normal person to understand the nature of the criminal charges that have been imposed on them. Also, they aren’t aware of the possible punishments for such charges. Hence, you need Ocala criminal lawyers as they are the best to describe the nature of charges and what they mean. Moreover, they can also help you to come out of this situation with minimal damages to your finances and respect.

Jeffrey Roberts

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