Crime and Penalties – everything you need to know about it

People often think justice means giving punishment to the offender, but what about victims. Do they really get justice? Punishing an offender cannot be considered as full justice because of the trauma which a victim has undergone, the mental pressure which they witnessed cannot be overcome from their minds and hearts.

According to many people, crime and violence has increased so much that the law system is broken and they are finding ways for fixing it. Victim-offender mediation program is the one which helps the victims to get answers for their questions that why they were the victims of that particular crime in the supervision of a mediator. They can ask their questions directly to offenders.

Crime is done already which cannot be corrected with punishments and the scar which is left on the victim’s life cannot be treated with any medicine. But getting proper punishment for the offender can make the victim feel a sense of justice.

We will see charges for various crimes according Louisiana crime penalties. For conspiracy, the penalty would be fine for the crime committed and half of the maximum sentence i.e. 30 years.

Charges for murder

The charges for murder would be 5-20 years for jail depending on the extent of crime.  40 years of hard labor for man’s slaughter. $5000 fine and up to 5years of hard labor for negligent homicide and $2000-15000 fine and 5-20 years of hard labor for vehicular homicide.

Charges for domestic abuse

For first conviction, there will be a fine of $300 to 1000 and 30 days to 6 months of jail. For second conviction, it’s 6 months to one year of jail and $750 to 1000 fine. For third conviction, 1-5 years of jail with or without hard labor and $2000 fine. Fourth and subsequent conviction would end in 10-30 years of jail with hard labor and a mandatory fine of $5000.

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