Find Relief With An IRS Tax Attorney

Having the IRS hound you for unpaid taxes and penalties can be one of the most stressful, horrific events that anyone can ever go through. There comes a point when immediate tax relief is absolutely necessary and an IRS tax attorney may be exactly what you need.

A tax attorney is a fully trained and certified individual who works alongside clients when they need to solve problems with the IRS or State Revenue Department. They will work with both their client and the IRS to work through an audit, reduce fines, have liens removed, and help all parties navigate through complex tax issues.

There are quite a few reasons why an IRS tax attorney may be right for you or your small business. Most importantly, these trained professionals can hedge off tax problems before they even begin. Attempting to play a game of catch-up with the IRS can be an expensive proposition that will negatively impact you for years to come. With a small amount of prudence and professional help, all this trouble can be stopped before it starts. They may also offer suggestions, such as tax bankruptcy, that other enrolled agents simply won’t disclose with you. Finally, they are part of the important attorney-client privilege. They cannot testify against their clients with any information regarding their taxes and finances that has been disclosed to them.

Whether you would like you hear all options available to you, or simply need a small bit of advice, an IRS tax attorney can help you keep your finances and taxes manageable and stress-free.

Jeffrey Roberts

Emily Roberts: Emily, a former corporate lawyer, demystifies the world of law with clear explanations of legal principles, case analyses, and insights into the legal profession. Her blog is a valuable resource for law students, legal professionals, and anyone interested in law.