How to apply for Canadian spousal sponsorship?

Canadian government takes care of your families. Therefore, it has announced the immigration system so you can live easily with your family. Having all of your family members at the same place is really great comfort. It does not matter whether your spouse work in Canada or outside you can apply for the Canadian spousal sponsorship program. Canada is one of the best places to live in. It has a high standard of living that provides its citizens with a lot of facilities in every sphere of life.

Types of sponsorship in this program:

Followings are the different types of this sponsorship program:

  • Outland sponsorship is applicable for those when one partner is living outside Canada. This type of sponsorship program provides the sponsored partner to travel inside and outside Canada. Documents that validate the country of origin are required in this case.
  • Inland sponsorship is applicable when a partner has a temporary stay in Canada. The benefit is that the partner can live and work during his temporary stay for the time when the application of sponsorship is being processed.

The thing to be noted here is that same-sex marriages are also included in this program. So, they can also apply for this program.

Different relationships included in this program:

  • In a marital relationship, the Canadian Immigration department confirms the marriage of the spouses that took place in Canada or any other countries that are listed to be applicable for the program.
  • When two partners have been living together for at least one year, then this comes under common-law partnership. In this case, more documents required to be submitted as proof.
  • In conjugal partnership, the partners have been living together but not continuously for one year.

A different strategy has to be made in order to get your application accepted. A spouse sponsorship lawyer in Toronto, canada can help you better in this regard.

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