I got injured on the job AGAIN! Don’t worry, here’s what to do

Suffering an injury at work is a pretty difficult and unpleasant thing to experience, but you know what’s worse? Getting injured again! If, after going through the stressful process of receiving workers’ compensation for your first injury, you are injured again after returning to work, you may think that if you file a new workers’ compensation claim, it will be rejected immediately and you’ll have to deal with the medical expenses of your reinjury on your own. However, things may not be as bad as they seem.

If you’re re-injured on the job, several factors will determine if you can receive workers’ compensation again, such as whether your reinjury occurred on the same body part, whether your injury is related to a previous job, or whether you were injured on a completely different part of your body.

In any case, you may have to appeal the initial decision of the insurance company to be compensated again, and the best way to do that is to work with a no win no fee workers compensation lawyer, or in other words, a workers compensation lawyer that you only have to pay to if you receive the monetary settlement you need.

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Did you get injured again in the same body part?

Let’s say you work at a postal service company, and while you were moving some boxes you sustained an injury to your lower back. Then, you worked with a workers’ compensation lawyer and were compensated. However, a few months after you returned to work, you bent down to pick something up and injured the same part of your back again.

In this case, if workers’ compensation continues to pay for your medical expenses, you may not need another claim to receive more money for your treatment. But if you accepted a lump sum settlement and the money is not enough to cover your new injury, then you will have to file a second workers’ compensation claim.

Your employer’s insurance company will most likely be reluctant to pay for your injuries again, so you should work with a workers’ compensation attorney who can help you appeal rejected claims and increase your chances of being compensated again.

Is your injury related to a previous job?

If you were injured at a previous job, and as a result of that prior injury you are reinjured at your new job, the insurance company will likely try to deny your claim by pointing out that your condition is caused by a pre-existing condition.

In these cases, you may not know who to turn to be compensated. However, in most states, your current employer would be responsible for paying for your workers’ compensation in a situation like this. Therefore, if your claim is denied, you should work with an attorney to appeal the decision.

Did you suffer a different injury?

Now, if after returning to work you suffer a completely different injury than before, then the situation is easier to understand.

For example, let’s say you work in a department store and you suffer a hand injury after a slip and fall. You receive compensation and go back to work after recovering. However, a few days later, you fall off a ladder and injure your back. Since the injuries are not directly related, all you have to do is file a new workers’ compensation claim to get the benefits you need to deal with your new injury.

What should you do if you get reinjured?

If you are reinjured on the job, your best option might be to work with a no win no fee workers compensation lawyer to receive maximum compensation for your case.

C&B Law Group, a Los Angeles workers’ compensation law firm, works with that philosophy. That means you won’t have to pay a penny until you receive the workers’ compensation benefits you need. Their attorneys are available 24/7 to answer all your questions, and they offer completely free initial consultations. Call them now to learn the value of your case in minutes.

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