Is It Worth Getting a Lawyer for a Minor Car Accident

Is It Worth Getting a Lawyer for a Minor Car Accident?

When you are involved in a major accident, getting a lawyer feels natural. After all, the stakes are high, and you likely have injuries that will impact you for weeks, months, even years to come. What is less instinctual is getting a lawyer after a minor car accident.

Simple fender benders, sideswipes, and little bumps are often so small, you might consider not even calling the cops or informing your insurance agency—much less bringing in a lawyer. However, even minor accidents can have expensive or painful ramifications that pop up after you drive away. And according to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (OCGA) § 51-1-6, you have a right to seek compensation.

But is it really worth getting a minor car accident lawyer? Yes. And here’s why.

They Can Interface With the Police

You should never leave the scene of an accident without reporting to the police, even when the accident has caused no apparent damage. Not only does this leave you vulnerable if something actually is wrong, but it is also illegal. Your minor car accident lawyer can help you interface with the police after the initial report should they call to ask any follow-up questions.

They Can Offer You Advice While at the Scene

Documentation is critical to a successful case, but you might not know what to do in the heat of the moment. If you have a minor car accident lawyer to call, they can tell you what you need to gather, including what photos you need and how to take them.

They Can Keep You From Incriminating Yourself

It is natural to want to admit fault when you believe it rests with you, but this can cause significant legal complications. First of all, you might just be confused; car accidents happen in the blink of an eye. Second of all, even if you truly are at fault, admitting it at the wrong time or in the wrong way can leave you on the hook for expenses you shouldn’t be paying.

They Get Between You and the Insurance Company

And yes, this is a very good thing. Insurance companies are a business, and they always put their interests first. If there is a loophole they can exploit to avoid paying you, they will use it. When your car accident lawyer in Gainesville, GA speaks to them on your behalf, it helps prevent them from backing you into a corner.

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