Questions to Ask a Criminal Defense Attorney Before Your DUI Trial

DUI is an abbreviation which stands for “Driving under influence”. This is the act of driving any machinery after using alcohol or other drugs. DUI represents the criminal offense for driving a car under the influence of alcohol or drugs. DUI cases can be quite complex and confusing. No one can expect what is going to happen to him on DUI trial. That’s why it is necessary to hire an experienced and skilled DUI attorney who will handle the case.

DUI cases occur quite frequently in the U.S. That’s why all American states have passed laws which prohibit driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and drugs or both combined. In all the states there are law firms, which help to handle the DUI cases. For instance, there are such law firms in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Arizona, Orange County, etc. Scottsdale DUI attorneys, Phoenix DUI lawyers, Arizona DUI attorney and Orange county DUI lawyers are all skilled and experienced lawyers who give legal advice to the clients and defend them during DUI trial.

But choosing a Criminal Defense Lawyer is not an easy thing. The following questions, however, will help to make a decision.
Questions to ask a criminal defence attorney before your DUI trial are as follows:

– Who will handle my case, you or someone else? This question will help to find out whether that person is in charge of your case or he will trust the case to someone else.

– What is your experience with DUI cases? This question will help to identify the experience of the attorney in the given field.

– What is your experience in jury trials?

– How much your service will cost? This is an important question, since very often people are shocked when they see their final bill.

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