What Does a Product Liability Attorney Do?

It’s important for anything that is made or invented to be safe for people to use. If there is any reasonable risk, then those products need to have warning labels on them. This is the reason why you see such things like “CHOKING HAZARD FOR YOUNG CHILDREN” on the boxes.

Unfortunately, there are times that people get hurt using the product as it was originally intended and sometimes the result may be fatal. Then it is important that the person or company who made the product faces consequences – which usually means monetary reparations.

That is where a product liability attorney comes in. But what do they do and who do they work for? 

Working For The Plaintiff

If you bought a product and suffered an injury or an illness due to it, you should be compensated by the person or company that was behind it. That means you should contact a product liability lawyer. Once you bring them aboard, their goal is for you to get compensation and even possibly for criminal charges to be pressed depending on how bad the incident with the product was.

Working For the Defendant

There are times that you might be sued by someone else for a product that you made. That means you should consult and ultimately hire a product liability lawyer – they will work to prove that you were not at fault. 

How Are They Paid?

There are two ways that liability lawyers tend to to be paid. First, they charge their clients by the hour. That means they record how long they spend doing diligence and other things.

The second way is called contingency. They will tell you what percentage of your potential winnings that they want. If your lawyer suggests contingency, then take that as a sign that you will likely win.

Whether you bought or made the product that caused the injury or worse, you need to talk to a lawyer who is familiar with this area. They will look over everything to see if you have a case to take to court. If the product is found to have caused the injury; the compensation is awarded and nothing is given if it is found to not have been behind it: 

Having a product injure someone affects so many people, including their families and friends. There are also false allegations made – and those people also deserve to have their names cleared. A product liability attorney can play a big role in both.

Jeffrey Roberts

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