Few Mistakes That Can Make Your Case Weak In Car Accident Lawsuit

In case, you are injured due to any car accident in Detroit due to negligence of someone else then you have the right to claim for compensation. However, in most cases the lawyers of the insurance company try to settle the case with minimum compensation. 

In many cases, the lawyers of the insurance company may ask you to sign papers so that your case becomes too weak and if you take more time to decide about hiring a Michigan Car Accident Lawyer perhaps he may also not be able to help you. Therefore, you must avoid following mistakes while dealing with any insurance company representative.

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  • Do not sign on any paper

You must refuse to sign on any paper until or unless you have hired your own lawyer to take up the case. There are many legal complications involved in case of car accident cases and by signing any wrong declaration paper your case becomes very weak.

  • Do not talk about the case

There are few representatives from the insurance company who may call you and try to probe your case by asking various details about the accident. You must not talk anything about the incident except your own accident lawyer. Insurance company can easily exploit you by learning about the case from you.

  • Do not lie to doctors about your pre-existing medical issues

When you are taking treatment from the doctor after the accident then do not lie or conceal about your pre-existing medical problem. This has nothing to do with the accident and everyone has some medical issue.

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  • Do not post about the accident on social media

Defense lawyers often check Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts to find any detail about the accident in order to prove that you are afterall not so injured and fit enough to post your accident on the social media.

  • Do not miss any medical appointment

For your recovery, it is essential that you need to meet your doctors. Besides that if you miss the appointment then you are giving a chance to the defence lawyer to prove that you are not so much injured.

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