GPW law firm: A well-recognized legitimate system to fight asbestos

It was the year 1970 when the founding members of GPW: Tom White, Ted Goldberg and Joel Persky started investigating into asbestos industry. Many of the workers were getting injured and were reported with Mesothelioma cancer and the number was increasing rapidly. At that time, these 3 founders worked upon to gather the asbestos company documents from 1920 which was important to understand such happenings and injuries. 

Thereafter, they demonstrated how the manufacturing of asbestos is a biggest cause of the lung cancer. 

Nationally recognized by 1989

After fighting many cases, GPWLaw MI became a popular name among the race of Mesothelioma lawyer in the country. By the year 1989, they were recognized nationally and acquired attention from many victims back then. Their office facilities were expanded to more than 100 attorneys and staff who were fighting cases for victim in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Michigan. 

Became best in the field by 2002

By the year 2002, GPW fought more than thousand cases against asbestos exposure and won amazing compensations for the victim and families of the victim. This was the year when they were rightfully gaining recognition as the best firm in 2002. 

The philosophy of GPW lies in the attachment and emotions of the victim and their families. Losing a family member is tough enough for the loved ones and that is where GPW work rigorously to fight against the injustice. They treat every case as their own and treat every victim as their own family. It helps them to understand and feel the emotions and suffering of the patient closely. 

They always believed in the quote: only when you will be able to understand the feeling and emotion of the victim, only then you will be able to fight for them! Otherwise it’s just a waste of time for you and the victim. 

Jeffrey Roberts

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