Greater Choices You Can Make of the Personal Injury Options Now

After an accident, the victims are often helpless. However, it is from this moment that one must think to gather all the documents and to carry out some steps. For the personal injury – Walton County, GA  service this is the best options now.

Do not stay alone

Report your injuries as quickly as possible to a doctor. Do not hesitate to consult our office, which will direct you to a medical consultant specializing in the assessment of personal injury. The latter can make a first forensic evaluation of your condition. Keep all the medical documents that are in your possession, as well as all your work stoppages. Claim your medical records if you have been hospitalized. See our letter template. Eventually file a complaint, so that an investigation is conducted by the police or gendarmerie.

In certain cases, it will be possible from this stage of the procedure to obtain a provision (advance) to be exact on your final compensation.


Avoid going alone to an expertise organized by an insurance company, even if it is your own insurance company. The primary interest of insurers is not to increase compensation for victims.

It is strongly recommended to be assisted:

A medical adviser who will take the time to listen to you and ensure that your after-effects are not undervalued or certain positions omitted, A lawyer who will ensure that the legal aspect of your compensation is taken into account from the moment of the expertise. 

Role of medical expertise

Whether ordered by a Tribunal or arranged in an amicable way, medical expertise is a key element in the process of compensation for bodily injury.

  • It makes it possible to define the extent of the damages suffered and thus conditions the items of damage that will give rise to compensation.
  • In the simplest cases, the expertise comes into play when the victim’s condition is consolidated, that is to say once his state of health is stable.
  • However, most often, this final expertise is preceded by one or more intermediate expert reports , which make it possible to make a medical and situational assessment of the victim and to anticipate the seriousness of the sequelae that it will preserve.

These expertise are also important for assessing the victim’s needs during the period preceding his / her consolidation: human assistance (third party), medical equipment, wheelchairs, home improvement and assistance, accommodation and assistance with acquiring the home, vehicle, etc.

  • They thus make it possible to obtain provisions (advances on definitive indemnification).
  • The expertise must always be contradictory to guarantee the victim a fair evaluation of his or her prejudices.

ATTENTION: An Expertise Is Preparing

It is built from a complete file (medical documents, radios, scanner, MRI, work stoppages, etc.) to highlight all the harms suffered.

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