Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

When you trip and fall at your friend’s home, you may not immediately think of calling a lawyer to sue your friend. If you happen to break a bone while falling, there’s a good chance that contacting your insurance company will come to mind. However, if you’ve repeatedly had near misses when walking along a neighbor’s sidewalk and you eventually fall and break a bone, you may want to hire a lawyer to seek enough money to cover your medical bills and any loss of work. The decision to contact a personal injury attorney is influenced by many factors.

Your Insurance Provider Doesn’t Want to Pay

One of the first indications that you should hire an attorney is the tone of conversations with your insurance provider. If your provider isn’t willing to pay for medical expenses and/or property damage, you’ll need an attorney representing your best interests. The insurance company is sure to have a team of legal advisors and representatives; you should have at least one legal representative on your side.

Don’t Wait to Take Action

One note of warning, however: if you do need to file a personal injury claim, you should get started as soon as you have finished talking with the police at the auto accident scene or as soon as you leave the emergency room of a hospital. It’s easier to decide not to pursue a claim after starting one than it is to seek a claim if you’ve waited too long.

This warning goes for any situations that involve the possibility of medical malpractice. Some states have laws that establish a specific time frame within which you must alert the doctor of the claim. If you fail to give that notice, you may be out of luck later on. Remember that it takes legal teams a lot of time to track down the information that’s necessary to successfully bring forward a personal injury case.

There’s a Pattern of Negligence

Another sign that you need a personal injury lawyer is when the negligent party doesn’t accept responsibility for their actions or acts aggressively toward you. As in the example of the sidewalk owner, negligence often causes trouble for others. Sometimes, a person won’t take action to correct a situation until they face serious consequences, such as a legal claim.

It would be better for all parties if the sidewalk were repaired before anyone was injured. People would generally prefer not to fall victim to medical malpractice or to become injured in an auto accident. When these situations do happen, however, a personal injury claim may be the motivation necessary to inspire positive changes.

You Can’t Afford the Alternative

If you don’t have the resources to pay for medical care and other losses, you’ll need a lawyer to represent you and work through a personal injury claim. Remember not to wait to find out if your insurance company will decide to cover charges. Don’t make excuses for people who have a history of being negligent. When you or someone you know has been injured, contact an attorney with experience. You may decide not to file a claim, but you won’t regret acting proactively to protect your interests.

Jeffrey Roberts

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