Not all accidents require a lawyer. The severity of the injury and trauma, as well as proof of negligence, will often determine if the victim has a legal claim in the first place. Once these have been established, a suit can be filed. Knowing the type of accidents that warrants a civil suit, and need an attorney, helps to save the victim time and limited resources in their quest for justice.

Motor Vehicle and Road Accidents.

Motor and road accidents are among the most common incidents requiring accident attorneys. Car accidents are often the result of reckless and negligent behavior. In the rare case where the incident was simply an unfortunate turn of events and the outcome is not so bad, there may not be a need for a suit. If, however, the opposite is the case, accident attorneys will need to be involved.

Slip And Fall Accidents.

Public places such as restaurants, department stores, and even office spaces have a legal duty to ensure that their activities and position of tools and items do not cause harm to anyone. They are charged by law to exercise the utmost care of their surroundings. If anyone falls and hurts themselves as a result of some hazardous circumstance that needn’t have happened, they are liable and can be sued for damages. Legal professionals are always needed in such cases.

Vicarious Accidents.

Vicarious accidents are accidents a person is indirectly responsible for. These accidents are said to occur when something a person owns and is responsible for causes harm to another person. For instance, if a pet bites someone or runs into traffic causing an accident, the owner of the dog is responsible for the pet and is thus liable for injuries and damages sustained. While these kinds of cases typically go to and stop at negotiations between the parties involved, legal professionals are still required to ensure that the situation is handled neatly and professionally.

Defective Product Accidents.

These types of accidents always require attorneys because the victim finds themselves going up against a business that made a product which caused physical harm to them. Defective product accidents are covered under consumer protection laws. Companies are charged by law o ensure that their products and services do not pose any danger to consumers. The products must meet required production and consumption standards. Anything less than that is unacceptable. Resultant injuries will result in lawsuits and the companies must pay compensation commensurate to the damages sustained.

Alternative Transportation Accidents.

Alternative transportation accidents refer to injuries the victim sustains when using different kinds of public facilities and modes of transportation. It could be the metro rail, the airplane, or any other public mode of transportation. If an accident or assault takes place while using these facilities, the victim can decide to sue. However, an experienced attorney is needed to prove the company is liable whether directly involved in the accident or not.


Most personal injury cases today need an attorney. However, some particularly require the intervention of legal professionals because they will need to prove liability and charge those responsible to compensate the victims.

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