What should you do if you are not happy with your personal injury settlement?

After an accident, the first thing that comes to our mind is-‘What should be the next step?’ The first thing to do is look for a reliable personal injury lawyer who can settle your case with maximum compensation. Usually, people are not guaranteed the total amount of compensation that they will get after an accident. This is because it is not possible for an average person to be aware of the compensation he deserves. There are lots of factors which can affect your compensation and financial claims. Sometimes, the insurance companies try to deny the claim or provide lower settlements by delaying the whole process. However, all these shouldn’t stop you from filing the claim. The best thing about a car accident lawyer is that he will address all your queries and problems and will make sure that his client receives the highest compensation as far as possible.

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Reasons why a settlement may get delayed

There are plenty of reasons why a settlement can get delayed. The settlement details have to be agreed upon by different parties. However, if some part of the settlement is not agreed by someone involved in the litigation, the process will get slower. This might happen due to various reasons:

  • The defendant may refuse to give any settlement. In such cases, the complainant will have to go to the court to make an effort for compensation recovery.
  • The defendant may agree to give compensations which is completely unreasonable to the plaintiff
  • The complainant may demand unreasonable financial claims/compensations for his accident
  • The complainant may want to take the case for trial in courts where there are retributory compensations at stake.

These are some of the reason why settlement may get delayed. To avoid such problems, it is important to hire car accident attorney who can help you to settle the highest compensations as far as possible. The goal of an attorney is to help the injured get the highest financial compensations but there are certain instances when it is beneficial to accept lower settlements because:

  • The complainant may not be able to prove all the facts
  • The injuries may not be a major one and hence, it is not liable for higher compensations
  • As per the limits of policy, the amount given as compensation may be the highest.

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