How to end this harassment in your workplace?

This is an important aspect as all of us have it in their duty to end this illegal and unlawful act wherever we witness it ourselves or are reported by someone. Now, what you should do according to your position will be discussed in this article whether what steps you should take to stop it if you are the employee being bullied and harassed and what steps you should take if you’re the employer and are reported of any such unethical activity under your nose.

Steps you should follow if you’re the one who is being harassed

In this case you should first look who is the one who is doing this to you. If he is one of your colleagues or an immediate senior officer, then you should first try to handle it informally by discussing it with one of your fellow colleagues and asking his/her opinion about it. Then you should try to talk to any officer who is senior to the harasser and is trustworthy too or in any case, should report directly to the chief officer or whoever your employer is. In this way, the authorities of your office will deal with that officer themselves. 

In the worst scenario, if the harasser is the employer himself and you don’t find any authority above him then you should discuss with any of your trustworthy family member or your friend, whom you think can share your pain with. If it doesn’t get solved in either way then you should better resign from your position and choose the legal path. You should contact a legal firm, either online or on ground, and should contact your sexual harassment lawyer and brief him in detail about what happened and why you had to resign from your post. In this way you will both save yourself from a trouble and might also be paid for the constructive dismissal amount if you file a claim for it.

Steps you should follow if you find someone harassing others as an employerIn this case, as an employer it is your first and foremost duty to provide a safe and calm environment to your employees where they can work with peace of mind. You should ensure the safety of both their health and mind while they are at your workplace. If you find someone having such an abusive attitude towards any of your employee, you should not public the name of the victim in the first place so that the harasser may don’t hurt them physically or target. Then you should work on your own to find any clues against that particular harasser and try to catch him on your own one day. So, that he may not doubt anyone else and try to hurt them outside the workplace. Once you catch the harasser, then as an employer it is your duty to show everyone that you and your company have strict laws and regulations against bullying and harassing which won’t be tolerated at any cost. That one particular employee should be fired and his case should be sent to the higher authorities by taking the help of any employment lawyer against him.

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