How to go ahead after accident when other driver does not have insurance

It is estimated that around 20% of motorists in Michigan drive vehicles without car insurance. An accident itself is an unfortunate happening and becomes a disaster if the other driver is driving without insurance. Wondering how to go ahead about insurance claim settlement in such a situation? Advisors like Elia and Ponto have an immense experience in following Michigan no-fault insurance system, and they will guide you how to file an uninsured car accident claim.

Since insurance costs are quite high in states like Michigan, Detroit and Flint, many motor vehicle operators might altogether skip the entire process of actually buying insurance for their vehicle. If such vehicles cause a mishap, the chances are you, as a victim, would have to take professional help from experienced lawyers.

If a motorist fails to buy insurance, it can have dire consequences. This actually becomes a tragic situation when the victim of an accident has to file a case against a driver whose insurance policy does not exist. 

It is necessary to be aware of the correct firms who can help you out in difficult situations. Elia and Ponto lawyers are not only knowledgeable about various laws like uninsured car accident claim but also hold a high number of successfully filed claims with a good number of satisfied clients. Not only does it lead to a valuable settlement, but it also gives you opportunities to file for difficult cases when you thought you would not even get a single penny of compensation!

Michigan no-fault insurance system in quite complex and that is why elite firms and experienced law services can come to your rescue when you are one of the victims suffering after a car accident. The case filed with a complete documentation and proper laws procedure, it becomes easier than you thought.

Jeffrey Roberts

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