Three reasons a gardener may need the services of a legal professional

Gardening is a great way to get away from it all. But, unfortunately, every now and again the world can encroach and shatter your peace. So much so that in some cases you may find yourself in need of the services of a solicitor or lawyer. Here are a few examples of when that may be necessary.

The gardening products you use have made you ill

If you are very unlucky, the products or tools you use as a gardener may end up making you ill or cause an injury. For example, in 2015, it was confirmed that exposure to glyphosate, which is a common weed killer ingredient, could cause cancer. In particular, leukaemia and non-Hodgkins lymphoma. If you have used these products and have cancer, there may be a connection between your disease and your exposure to glyphosate. 

You can find out more about a roundup lawsuit by clicking the link. Reading the article will help you to determine whether you may have a case. If you do, with the help of the right lawyer you could win compensation.

Dealing with boundary disputes

Most people´s property boundaries are well-defined. Often by a hedge or fence. Yet, it is not uncommon for boundary disputes to be an issue for gardeners.

When someone new moves in or a fence needs to be repaired, you may discover that it has been erected in the wrong place. In that situation, it can make sense to consult a solicitor or lawyer. They will be able to firmly establish where the boundary lies and work out who should pay for the repair of the fence, or the erection of a new one.

Dealing with an injury claim

For the most part, gardens are safe spaces. But accidents do occasionally happen. For example, one of your guests could sit on a bench or chair, which then collapses. Or they could trip on a broken slab. 

When that happens, the nature of their injuries may mean that they have to sue you for compensation. This is a difficult situation to deal with, especially if they are a good friend. Unfortunately, if they are unable to work for a while, they may have no choice but to seek compensation from you. Most people´s home insurance policy will cover them in that situation. But it is not wise to simply assume that this will be the case. 

If an accident that happens in your garden results in someone being injured, it is wise to contact a lawyer to find out what your liability is. Many lawyers will do this for a very small fee or maybe without charging as part of an initial consultation. That way, if your home insurance policy does not provide coverage you will be properly represented by an expert, from the very start.

Hopefully, none of the above will affect you. But, if it does, it is important to know how to hire a good lawyer. This UK government sponsored article will enable you to do exactly that.

Jeffrey Roberts

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