The Need to Ensure ADA Website Compliance In 2021

ADA is the short form of the American Disabilities Act, which sets a standard for the information and technology industry. All websites now need to be ADA compliant, to make the sites more user-friendly and functional. Commercial websites need to be easily accessible to potential customers, to increase lead generation for more business profits. Web Control Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) has been prepared to help people with various disabilities so that they can have access to the digital world. Hence, all business owners prefer to comply with ADA guidelines while developing the official websites of their companies in 2021.

Benefits offered by an ADA-compliant website

Ready help for browsing – Every ADA compliant website has a live chat option so that any visitor can seek help if he/she faces difficulty while browsing through that site. The contact information of the company is also visibly placed on its website, to enable visitors to contact company executives whenever required. Some guidance may also be provided for helping visitors so that they can find all the needed information there.

Focus on web appearance – If any certain web content is very important and needs to draw the immediate attention of visitors, it should be placed within a box bounded by a clearly visible border. This feature can boost the ADA compliance level of a website, as it is an essential requirement for increasing the visibility of web content. In this way, vital elements can be brought under focus of viewers.

Specific reference of web contents – When an e-book or several PDF files are uploaded on a website, it becomes difficult for viewers to find their required content. So, a list of all web contents is provided along with specific page numbers, to make the search much simpler for readers on that website. In some cases, page links are also provided in this list of contents for helping readers in finding content very quickly.

Clear visibility of control buttons – All control buttons are highlighted for making them more visible to viewers. Thus, it becomes easier for people in submitting important online forms or filling up their responses for online surveys. They do not need to click anywhere or scroll down the page to find the required control buttons on a webpage.

Easy uploading facilities on the website – Many commercial websites offer customization facility to their customers, where people are encouraged to upload documents, images, or videos. Previously, people needed to drag and drop their files on a specific space, to upload on a website. However, this drag and drop feature can be a problem for those who are not using a mouse. So, a new feature is introduced where files can be uploaded by using up or down arrows given on the keyboard of users. Mobile users can also use a virtual keyboard for having access to this facility on all ADA-compliant websites.

More features are added to make a website ADA compliant in 2021. Business owners and web developers may test with the ADA compliance checker to make sure that their websites fulfill all the parameters set by WCAG.

Jeffrey Roberts

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