Green Card in the United States can be your card to realize your own American dream. Every year, millions of applicants request the United States Diversity Visa (DV) program, also known as the Green Card Lottery, to establish a legal residence in the United States. It is important to ensure that you have the chance to win an annual rally. Consider the following instructions so that you can follow the green card via the DV lottery:

  1. CHECK THE SUITABILITY OF YOUR DRAWING COUNTRY: Only countries with currently low natural immigration in the United States can apply for programs. Countries that may be eligible may differ each year, so make sure your country is approved.
  2. PAY ATTENTION TO THE DETAILS: A minor typographical error, omissions, and related errors when entering data can disqualify you and prevent you from participating in the Green Card Lottery. The criteria for uploading photos are also extremely accurate and many people are automatically disqualified, even for minor shortcomings.
  3. HIRE AN EXTERNAL IMMIGRATION SERVICE TO ENSURE THE ADMISSIBILITY OF YOUR APPLICATION: Private entities such as the Global Green Card of the United States (GUSGC) guarantee lottery participation with a careful overview of all aspects of your application and with due observance of the correct rules of the US Department of State. UU

Once your application has been registered correctly, you are entitled to a unique certificate number that must be kept in print for future use. Always send a valid e-mail address for future messages and updates from the government. You can periodically check the status of your income based on the number of customers issued by the US Green Card Office. UU When you set up a request

The candidate must send a high-resolution digital photo taken recently with the application. Send color photos with a clear background only if the head looks directly at the camera. All photo request information will be sent to you as soon as you request it. Transfer photos as quickly as possible

Born in a country that meets the conditions (unfortunately, citizens do not help, everything is based on the country of birth, here is a list of the last countries that are not eligible). Note: your probability determines the continent in which you were born; People born in Oceania have the best chance of winning (about 1 out of 7 last time I broke the numbers, although their other friend counted below).

Wait until October (tickets are only open one month a year: set a reminder on your phone if it is not in October when you read it).

Take a photo that meets all the conditions listed here.

Go to  and spend about five minutes sending your ticket (if you are married, make sure your partner is included, double your chances!) And you’re done! It takes a few minutes.

And now the waiting begins.

If you want to win the Green Card Lottery, please register at to ensure your application is in good hands.

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