Selling – The Ultimate Idea To Make Money Online Legally

When I created my first blog, I thought within myself that, immediately I launch this little blog with less than five post about a niche I know nothing about, the money will start to roll in and I’ll just sit back and do nothing… Unfortunately for me I discovered I had created the worst blog in the world. As at then I thought just building a blog and posting irrelevant articles is enough to keep the cash rolling in.

Each time I open that blog, I feel disgusted and saying to myself, ‘did I setup that blog?’. Surprisingly I always get a reply from my conscience which says ‘Of course it was you, were you sleeping when it all happened?’

It was after then I started to read other blogs, asked so many questions about how I could make money only and tried finding answers. Fortunately for me, the good writers out there were able give me an answer, ‘SELLING’. Yes Selling, in my search, I learned you are just like a snake that passes through a rock without an impact in the world of online businesses – If you don’t SELL something.

According to Wikipedia, Selling is offering to exchange an item of value for another item. The item offered could be either tangible or intangible while the other item, usually in the form of money.

To be really successful in your online business, it is a must you sell something and not just anything, it must be an item of value. Now here it is, if you are the type looking for a get rich quick system, its time for you to stop reading this post because it’s not for you. But if not, please read further.

Since the key word here is selling, there are various ways you can sell online and make money in return. All of these will be explained below…


1 SELL YOUR WORDS: As one of the business models, selling your words involves freelance writing. Companies, Magazines, and bigger websites are looking for people to write for them in exchange for money – very good money – Do you know about a particular niche or skill?, can you write good articles to address issues surrounding the given niche? Then this business is a very sure way to make money SELLING your words. It is best you learn everything that concerns the art of writing and make sure you have a good knowledge of what or who are writing about. Check out CarSite for getting Used Car OR Renting & Leasing

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